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Brought up Mar 1, 2010

How to Embed Videos from Vimeo

Using this method you can embed as many videos from Vimeo as you like in a single post that you publish to your ReachBy Stream. Here is how to do this using ReachBy's Wiki-like markup.

1. Go to Vimeo website and find the video you want to add to your post.

2. Locate the clip id which is present in multiple places on that page, including the web link itself. For example, if the page link looks like this

The clip id is a bunch of numbers after slash at the end. In this example 1721862 is the clip id that you need to copy to the clipboard, so you can paste it later.

3. To insert this video, type [[vimeo: and paste the clip id. Then type a pair of closing brackets ]] to finalize it. For example,


4. To insert the video in a box of specific size, you can use width and height parameters like this [[vimeo:width-height:clip_id]]. For example,


Note: Parameters width and height each should have a values from 100 to 600.

This is how the default (full width) video from Vimeo looks like.

And this is an example of the same video embedded in a 400 by 300 box.


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