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Brought up Jan 12, 2010

How to Keep a Post on the Top of the News Stream

Let's say you worked on a special story the entire week and now don't want this post to be pushed down by some day-to-day notes and pics. This is your Top Story and you want your readers to see it first. However, you still want your news stream to keep flowing, filled in with new and fresh material.

In situations like this, the Sticky Flag comes to the rescue.

Simply, go to Publishing > Messages and open for editing the story you want to stick to the top. Find and click the button located on the upper line that reads Make Sticky.

Now you can see this message first in the list of all messages — it will have the red flag to the left. You can clear the stickiness by clicking on that red flag icon. Or, you can open this message for editing and use the Unstick button located on the upper line.

The message flagged as sticky will stay on top of your news stream letting all other regular posts flow under. All sticky posts are easy to find on the as they have a little red flag icon in front of the message title.

You are not limited to use sticky flag on one message only — use it for as many stories as you like, but be reasonable. Too many stories all marked as sticky will look overwhelming for readers, so it will be hard to find the actual Top Story on your news stream.

For example, on the Help stream, the Tutorial post is sticky because we want you to read the manual first before asking any questions. Makes sense?


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