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Brought up Jan 12, 2010

How to Add Google AdSense to Your News Stream

Earn money by placing Google AdSense ads on your Stream. Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your Stream for displaying Google ads.

  1. Create an account or sign in to your existing account.
  2. Click on AdSense Setup.
  3. Click AdSense for Content.
  4. Under Ad Unit, select the type of ads you're like to display from the dropdown menu, then click Continue.
  5. Under Format, select one of one of the following sizes:
         • 120 x 600 Skyscraper
         • 728 x 90 Leaderboard
         • 468 x 60 Banner
  6. Adjust the Colors, Fonts, and Corner Styles to suit your preference.
  7. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.
  8. Select a channel or add a new channel to track the performance of your add. For instance, you might select Add new channel, type in ReachBy, then use this channel to track all of your ReachBy ads (by adding more to this channel). You can also leave this blank.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. Name this AdSense unit (Ex. ReachBy, 120x600, created 1/11/10).
  11. Click Submit and Get Code.
  12. Copy and paste the code provided into the appropriate block on Publishing > Options > Ads (In this example, Skyscraper: Size 120x600).
  13. Click Update.

Congratulations! You've now added a AdSense ad to your ReachBy Stream. Repeat the process to add more. And be patient! It can take some time for Google to scan the content of your Stream and place relevant ads.

Don't click on your own ads! This is against Google Adsense policy and can result is your account getting banned!

For issues with your AdSense ads, please contact Google Adsense.


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