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Brought up Dec 22, 2009

How to Display Code Samples

Use these recipes to show source code samples in your posts using ReachBy's Wiki-like markup.

Markup for Monospace Font

If you need to indicate a keyword, variable, or function name in the regular content, use markup for the monospace font. Along with other markup in the paragraph, simply wrap up the keyword in double equal signs, e.g.

 Every HTML document **must** have a ==TITLE== element.

Result: Every HTML document must have a TITLE element.

Block of Source Code

You can also insert an isolated block with the source code in it. Mark the beginning and the end of the code block with two equal signs placed alone on the entire line, e.g.

 ... some code snippet goes here ...

The following is an example of simple HTML document placed inside the code block.

      <TITLE>My first HTML document</TITLE>
      <P>Hello world!</P>


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