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Brought up Dec 22, 2009

Know Your Links

Here is the inventory of all links available on every ReachBy Stream. In these examples you can replace help (the sub-domain part of the link) with the name of your Stream or any other Stream.

1. Home page

This is the main link for your entire Stream. You can use it on your business cards, forums, email signatures, etc. to let people learn more about you and have a way to contact you if needed.

See it in the browser,

2. About Page

This page displays the picture and information that you chose to share about yourself when you set up your Stream using settings found at Publishing > Options > About.

See it in the browser,

3. Submission Form

Your readers can submit a post to your Stream for review and publishing, or simply contact you without knowing your personal email address. It helps to minimize spam. Control this page at Publishing > Options > Form.

See it in the browser,

4. Message Page

Every time when you publish a message to your Stream, it gets exposed via unique SEO-friendly link that is easy to share on forums, social networks, etc. Example above shows the link of the message that you are reading right now.

See it in the browser,

You can also use a short version of the message link.

And a super-short version (you can drop the name of your stream too).

5. Stream RSS Feed

This XML page displays your recent posts in RSS 2.0 format. Sharing this link is very important as it allows your readers to subscribe for messages that you publish to your Stream. Subscribers will see a brief annotation for every story and a thumbnail image if you attached one to the message. This link can be added to any RSS client like Google Reader or personalized homepage on Yahoo, iGoogle, MSN, AOL, etc.

See it in the browser,

6. Message RSS Feed

Every message that you publish to your Stream has its own RSS feed containing all comments posted on this message. If interesting discussion fires up, your readers and you as well can subscribe to this feed and receive all updates directly to your RSS client.

See it in the browser,

7. Stream Sitemap

To make all Streams even more search engine friendly, we added individual sitemaps for every ReachBy Stream. This XML page contains the links to all recent stories that you published, so search engines like Google will be able to navigate through your Stream in an easy and efficient way. It helps your content to be indexed faster and appear sooner in search results.

See it in the browser,


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