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Brought up Jan 5, 2010

How to Post a Message to Your News Stream

Now that you're set up with a ReachBy Stream, here's how to make a post quickly.

(If you haven't signed up for a Stream, you can do so right here.)

Stream It Like You Mean It

Posting a message to your Stream couldn't be easier.

First you have to be logged in. If you're already logged in, just click the Publishing button in the main navigation area to go to your Dashboard.

If you aren't logged in, just visit the ReachBy home page to login. When you log in, you'll land on your Stream Dashboard.

Compose Your Post

To post a message to your Stream, you can select either the Compose tab on your dashboard or the big Compose a New Post icon.

The compose page will look pretty familiar to anyone that uses email. Give your message a subject and compose it. Now you're almost done and ready to post your message live to the Web. But let's take a look at a few things first.


Keywords help people find your message when they search ReachBy or the internet. Think of keywords as the main search words people might use if they were looking for the type of information or story you're writing about. So, if you're writing about soccer, you might use sports, soccer, football, match, game, etc. You get the gist.

If keywords seem complicated to you or you lack the time or interest, you can always just leave them blank.


You and your readers can comment on messages -- if you choose to allow it. You can allow comments to be seen as soon as they're submitted, or you can dictate that comments must first receive your approval. You can also choose not to allow comments to be made on a message on your Stream. It's up to you.


Lastly, you can post one image to each message. Just click browse to select an that's saved on your computer.

Publish, Save, or Clear

If you Publish a message, it immediately goes live on the internet. Or, you can choose to Save it. This allows you to return later to finish or edit your post before you set it sailing into your Stream. If you want to start over, just hit Clear and the contents of your message will be deleted for you.

Customizing Your Message

When you're in Compose mode, you'll see 'Markup Help' on in the right panel. This is a quick way to customize the content of your message, with headers, bold text, italics, plus items like:

  • Bulleted
  • Lists
  1. Or
  2. Numbered
  3. Lists

Here is how this text with markup looks like while you edit it:

This is a quick way to customize the content of your message, with
headers, **bold text**, ++italics++, plus items like:

@ Bulleted
@ Lists

# Or
# Numbered
# Lists

Markup might look complicated, but it's really very simple. You can use it to add links to your message or even embed YouTube videos. We'll talk more about Markup on another day, but if you have any questions about using it, you can always contact us here on the Help Stream.

To sum it all up, no matter what you're reading or doing on ReachBy, you're just two quick clicks away from being able to compose and publish a message. This is much faster than the average blog platform. Plus, the nice thing is that it's already fully integrated with many social media platforms so you can quickly share your messages, images, and videos.

Stream Tip: By going to Publishing -> Options -> Connect, you can even add links to your own Twitter, Facebook, and other social media profiles with some nice, big, shiny buttons.

Happy Streaming!


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